Who is Pam?

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Who is Pam?


Pamela Richardson is the President and Owner of the Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition. In 2009 she wrote The Essential Guide to Mystery Shopping. She has been mystery shopping since 2000 and has completed most every type of job known to the mystery shopping industry.


She firmly believes that cooperation not competition makes everything flourish in all aspects of life and business, in particular the mystery shopping industry.  It is her goal to bring the mystery shopping industry together to promote good will amongst all and improve the professional appearance of the mystery shopping industry.


She resides in Southern California with her family and works from her home office, which sometimes appears as a mass of confusion with the paperwork, two computers on at all times and an abundance of files.


She was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1959 where she lived until she was nine. Since that time she has lived in Michigan, New York, Florida and California.


Due to her strong, outgoing personality and known for speaking what she feels is the truth; she has been thought to be six feet or so and possibly having a beard. The truth is she is 4’11” and loves people from all walks of life.



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