What is… demonstrating?

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What is… demonstrating?




Often abbreviated as Demo, demonstrating is the act of presenting a product to consumers.  As a demonstrator, you are assigned a specific product to show consumers at a specific store, during a specific time frame.




You represent a third party company that contracts with the brand name products you are to demonstrate.




As part of your demonstration kit, you are sent a list of talking points about the product, and a set of instructions regarding exactly how to set up the display.   The kit can be sent to your own house, or directly to the store where the demonstration will take place.




You can be an Independent Contractor or an employee, depending on the company that orders the demonstration and whether or not the project is recurring.




For great information and insight on demonstrating, you can visit the Demonstrating Forums at Volition.com , where you will find information on the different types of demonstrations, feedback on specific demonstrating companies and tips on how to perform the job perfectly.


Are you a demonstrator?  Do you enjoy the interactions with the consumers?  Let us know about your own experience as a demonstrator in the comments!



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