Undercover Essentials will be at the 2013 Atlanta IMSC Conference!

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Once again, the IMSC is delighted to host two Undercover Essentials Certification Workshops for Video Shopping.

Carrie, from Undercover Essentials, will be leading two of her world-class training sessions before and after the IMSC Conference, giving you the wonderful opportunity to become Undercover Essentials Certified.

Undercover Essentials’ highly regarded certification allows you to confidently enter the world of video shopping, being fully prepared for all types of situations in the field.  Undercover Essentials also provides you with a list of solid contacts that can put you to work as  soon as you return home if you choose so!

For those of you who already hold the Basic Undercover Essentials Certification, own your own video recording equipment and have successfully completed 25 video shops, Undercover Essentials will be also offering an Advanced Certification Workshop to teach you how to take your video shopping to the next level.

Both of these events are fee-based, and both require pre-registration with Undercover Essentials.  See details below.


Atlanta basic workshop:


Attention all shoppers who want to take their shopping career to the next level! Undercover Essentials, LLC will be offering Basic Video Shopping Certification at the 2013 IMSC Conference in Atlanta. In this workshop, you will learn how to use undercover video equipment, what to expect during a video shop, how to get high paying jobs, and how to build the complex scenarios and aliases required for this lucrative niche in the shopping industry. The average Video Shop pays about $70. Work smarter, not harder!


This workshop will be offered on June 2, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Equipment will be available for use during the certification workshop, or you may contact Carrie at Info@undercoveressentials.org to get information on purchasing your own equipment. Video shopping is the wave of the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to surf into this lucrative niche! Feel free to contact the Video Mystery Shopping Companies listed at www.undercoveressentials.org to verify that this training is accepted and preferred. The investment for this workshop is $125. Please contact Carrie at Info@undercoveressentials.org for more information or to get signed up. You must be an IMSC attendee to attend.




Atlanta advanced workshop:



Attention Video Shoppers! Undercover Essentials, LLC is offering Advanced Video Shopping Workshops at the Atlanta IMSC Conference. This certification requires that a shopper have their own equipment and shoppers must have completed at least 25 shops. Each attendee will upload a shop to be reviewed by Undercover Essentials and to be used in the course for improvement of technique. We will also cover advanced video skills as well as addressing each individual’s needs for improvement on a personal level.



This class is strictly limited to 6 shoppers because it is totally structured around the needs of the attendees. For Atlanta, we will provide this workshop on May 30, 2013 from 3pm to 6pm at the IMSC Hotel. The investment for this certification is $150. This workshop is popular so, get signed up before the class fills! Contact Carrie Porhammer at Info@undercoveressentials.org to get signed up and for any questions you might have. You must be an IMSC attendee to attend.