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2014 Louisiana IMSC  – July 29-30, 2014

2014 Las Vegas IMSC – November 19-20, 2014

Due to shopper request, going forward all IMSC conferences will offer the following attendance and payment options.


IMSC members receive $50.00 off all full conference registrations, excluding one day events.

Full IMSC Conference – at the door price – $300.00

Full IMSC Conference – 2 days of Sessions- $200.00 ($150.00 during early registration).


This will give you the flexibility to attend what works with your schedule.

Full conference daily rates:
1st day of IMSC Conference Sessions – $150.00 ($100.00 during early registration)
2nd day of IMSC Conference Sessions – $150.00 ($100.00 during early registration)

If you are attending the New Orleans IMSC conference and you are not yet certified to video shop, now is your chance. Just $50.00 if you register before June 1st, 2014. You must be an IMSC attendee in order to attend the workshop.

To receive hands-on training with concealed video shopping equipment, please sign up for the extra “Hands on Training” session with the IMSC.

Thursday, July 31st from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Private session hands on video equipment training: $25.00 per hour. Request registration for the extra “Hands on Training” by emailing . Sessions will be set up by appointment only to ensure there are enough trainers to accommodate everyone.

Please feel free to email us with any questions:

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